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maichem solutions assures its responsibility to sustainable development based on the Agenda 21 exercised during daily development and implementation of chemical solutions as well as management orientated solutions.

Additionally, influenced by recent developments at the raw oil markets, nowadays the saving and efficient application of chemical and economical ressources is an essential criterion of sustainable and cost efficient management

This can be reached by applying future technologies like sustainable development , green chemistry, white biotechnology or technologies concerning renewable resources . Nanotechnology is also said to have future potentials for solving our current problems. This may concern CSR as well as future management tools like ISO 9000:2000 and others

These aspects have to be regarded today and in the near future from the very beginning on and during the entire process of product development, watching the current legal frame very carefully. REACH, a new regulatory system for chemicals in the EU market, will be installed very soon.It will be under the same EU wide and National regulations as chemisty law, the biozide guideline , the Norm Systems and others.

Based on these requirements one has to meet the customer orientated properties depending on their needs.

We will help you develope your future and customer orientated product profiles, saving management resources and costs.

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