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Product Development

Thanks to our experience, we provide a basis for developing your market orientated solutions !

In order to enable you to succeed, we assist you mostly during the development process of new chemical materials and products. We manage the surrounding conditions of the distinct project. We help you to save time inside your company giving you optimum support without disturbing the daily routine in your company. This may concern detailed process steps just to save your time and money.

Based on the essential steps listed above, we help you to optimize your distinct processes concerning research & development, in order to enable you to reinvest your resources set free on your essential business processes.

We check the surrounding concerning technical distinction and law (i.e. guidelines, standards, norms)

Another service that maichem solutions offers you is to optimize your quality assurance system as well as the installation and implementation of a tailor made system concerning the quality control of your raw materials and products

Fields of technology activities

Detailed Steps

Innovation stage

Daily changes concerning your economical environment and market as well as various fields of technology, permanently make you evaluate the readiness of your products. This also may concern the efficiency of your costs and processes.

Conception Stage

We are your partner for design and deployment and we want to generate a first draft with you, referring to the demands on your market profile and SWOT analysis. Following your request, you will also obtain a cost analysis or patent recherche. This will be a part of the final duties record book of your namely project.

Developing Stage

Roughly formulated solutions will be worked out in detail and presented as a feasibility study. This will help you minimize your risks concerning financing and the time needed. Experimental trial series will help you to make a first estimation on your final product specifications as early as possible.

Prototype Stage

Lab prototypes will be tested step by step according to their desired technical specifications, in order to save time and money during the screening as well as the product development process.

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