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Quality assurance & quality management systems

We install and implement your tailor made quality management system !

According to our understanding, the implementation of quality management systems based on ISO 9000:2000 shall serve as a tool to make your daily business more efficient and convenient. This unique tool shall help you to improve the motivation of your staff and, even more importantly, meet the demands of your customers accurately.

We install and implement your tailor made quality management system, even according to ISO 9000:2000.

On request we also certify your company according to ISO 9000:2000 as well as recertify as an auditor at all levels.

This also includes the implementation and optimization of your quality control system (of chemical raw materials and products) as well as that of your customers and partner companies.

Finally, all this would not be possible without your well trained staff. We train your staff in order to maintain their high level of knowledge in quality management.

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