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In Chemistry small leaks will sink a great ship — tiny molecules change the world!

Like no other scientific discipline modern chemistry offers the right answers for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Chemistry affects every aspect of our life, such as health care,our daily nutritionalbehaviour as well as safety and mobility.

Besides protecting our daily basic needs, chemistry has contributed to every day conveniences like computer and DVD, breathable functional sportswear and the red lipgloss. Thanks to chemistry, doctors are able to treat their patients with drugs. Every day we use plant protecting agents as well as high-tec plastics.

Like always, in order to manage future problems, the chemical industry permanently adapts its strategies to its available problem-solving capacity. In fact the potential of innovative supply strategies is constantly being discussed in the chemical industry.

This regards standard services like certificates of analysis and product and safety data sheets. Moreover, specific and customer orientated services - assisted with detailed consulting activities as well as training courses - will become topics in the near future.

We at maichem solutions offer you to solve your individual problems with you along your value-added chain. How we´d like to manage this with you we want to show on the subsequent pages.

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